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Family Office

Your most cherished values. Perfectly orchestrated

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Family Office

Your most cherished values. Perfectly orchestrated.

Building your trust while addressing your needs with profound understanding is the true sense of our pursuit at Linvo, your one-stop independent management company.

Our family office services reflect an integrated approach, constantly focused on each and every detail of your family dynamics and financial affairs. From managing family capital to family support, we serve as remarkably reliable partners for strategic and operational advisory, investment management and coordination of your external financing, leverage and tax operations (both accounting and reporting, in mindful analysis of your business features and tax residency). We also meet your needs in family advisory – administrative and lifestyle services such as private label funds and other succession planning solutions.

Just as well, via outsourcing to our trusted partners, we provide an extensive range of company structuring & administration services.


Strategic advisory services.

Many of our clients require ongoing consultancy to ensure that their wealth management strategy will meet their long-term vision for the future. The Linvo team can provide expertise on a broad range of topics including strategic planning, investment advisory and risk management. Independent, unbiased and with a clear solution in place.


Operational advisory services.

Those clients who are looking to simplify their personal finances often make use of our operational advisory service. Through an initial consultation and ongoing dialogue, our team offer expertise in accounting, taxation and general lifestyle management.


External financing & leverage.

Some of our clients occasionally require external investment to meet their wealth management objectives. By using our network of investors and financial operators, we can assist our clients in securing the external funds they require to move forward with their plans.


Structuring & tax optimization.

Unless addressed, taxation can cause complications to many individuals and businesses. We can provide expertise on how to structure financial assets to ensure taxation allows for sustainable future growth.


Family advisory services.

All our clients share one common characteristic: they care deeply about giving their family the best possible future. It’s here that our team can add real value in terms of consultancy. We can provide practical advice on the following topics: estate and inheritance planning, family governance and structuring family business.


Private label funds.

We can assist clients in creating an investment fund that is branded and tailored to their exact requirements in accordance with international law. The team at Linvo can assist in creating a fund specifically designed to access larger investment transactions.


Company structuring & administration, director mandates, independent board members.

Our team can assist business owners on how to structure their business to meet their long-term growth objectives and achieve maximum profitability. We can give advice on how to draft director mandates and organize corporate finances to ensure a business is operating at its very best level.

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